Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming Changes

There are several changes coming to Maya Cosmetics, including a change to our prices.

Prices are increasing in February--to $9.50--for all polishes. The bottom line is that we underestimated our costs to both maintain and grow our business. The good news is that we won't need to increase the price again for a long time--or ever, we hope!

Polishes will remain at their current pricing through 31 January 2013, so you can still snag the new releases at the lower pricing!

We will be discontinuing sales of our Smoothing Coat for Glitter at the end of January. The supplier for the base we were using discontinued it, so it's out of our hands unless we can find a replacement. We will bring it back if we can source the same or similar formula.

Sometime in late February/early March we plan to offer a different type of topcoat (fast-drying/shiny). We'll have more details in a few weeks.

There will also be a change to our shipping prices in February. Shipping to US addresses will be a flat $4.80 for orders under $50, with free shipping on US orders of $50 or more. Current shipping prices will remain through 31 January 2013, although effective January 10th we will offer free shipping on US orders of $50 or more!

Also effective January 10th, we will begin shipping to Canada! All orders to Canada will be shipped USPS First Class International. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $6.80 on orders under $50, with free shipping over $50.

We should be shipping to more countries by the end of February (or sooner)! If you're not in the US or Canada and are interested in ordering, please send us an email at and we'll work on it!

We know the last thing that customers want to hear is that prices are going up, and we understand. We will do everything we can to avoid further price increases--without compromising quality, of course!. Thank you for your patience as we work through our growing pains.

Kat and John

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  1. “The last thing that customers want to hear is that prices are going up.” I, as a consumer, agree with this. Everyone wants to save more and pay less, but there are things that we have no control over. And given the increase in the shipping fee, I commend you for trying to lessen the burden of your customers without compromising quality. Great going!
    Luise Pagett