Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flyin' Solo -- Limited Edition

Flyin' Solo is our Valentine's Day (anti-Valentine's Day?) polish! I really wanted to do something other than a traditional pink or red, and I figured I can't be the only one in the world who finds Valentine's Day overrated!

Flyin' Solo is a mix of small gunmetal hexagons, blue/purple iridescent shreds and micro glitter, black shreds and hearts, and red holo hearts. It goes with everything...I really love it over purple!

over gray

over purple on index and middle
I had to do some minor placing with the hearts, but they come out of the bottle easily (although I do recommend leaving the bottle upside-down for a few minutes...they will settle). 

Flyin' Solo looks great without the hearts, too, and it's easy to leave them off or to just use one color of heart. Shown below w/o red hearts (and only one black heart) over Graceless Lady. Love it this way too!

This is a limited edition polish. No end date, just while supplies last!

Thanks for reading!


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