Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crescent City Collection

The Crescent City Collection is a celebration of New Orleans! There are five polishes, available January 10th.

This collection was my husband John's idea. I wanted to do a Mardi Gras-themed polish, then he had the idea to do an entire collection! He grew up in New Orleans and gave me direction every step of the way. It was so fun collaborating with him...I love the result and hope you do, too!

Redemption and Treme were offered pre-holidays for a limited time, but I'll revisit them here.

Redemption is for the New Orleans Saints fans. It is a topcoat with micro and small black glitter, with accents of small white and gold holo hexes, white squares, and gold hexes, and finished with a strong gold shimmer. This is a limited edition polish.

In the spirit of the inspiration: Redemption over black. Yes, you lose the black glitter, but the shimmer really comes through. I love the end result, reminds me of granite countertops.

one coat of Redemption over a black creme
one coat of Redemption over black
 Looks great over other colors, too!

Next up, Treme. Treme is named after a neighborhood in New Orleans with a long history and colorful culture, and is known for its brass bands. Treme will be a permanent addition to our lineup!

I started with a champagne gold glitter base to symbolize the brass bands, then just added color! All the colors you see in the polish are colored glitters; there aren't any true holo glitters. This is a full-coverage polish but also looks great layered!
left to right, one coat of Treme over, black, gold, dark green, and nude
two coats of Treme

two coats of Treme

The next polish is Cookin' Creole. It is limited edition. When I asked John to pick five important aspects of New Orleans for this collection, food definitely made the list. This is a gumbo-inspired polish!

Light brown base (roux), brown glitter (Andouille), pink glitter (shrimp), green (veggies for flavor), micro brown and pink (spices) and white (rice). It also has a subtle pink shimmer!

three coats
Let the Good Times Roll was the original Mardi Gras polish I had envisioned (but approved by John of course lol!). It is a limited edition polish. 

Let the Good Times Roll has three sizes of gold holo glitter and various sizes of black, purple, and green glitters. I originally wanted to name it "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler," which just the same name but in (Cajun) French, but half the time I can't pronounce it so we switched it up to the English version. :)

The last polish in the Crescent City Collection is Big Chief. It is limited edition. 

This is also a Mardi Gras-inspired polish, but from a less widely-known tradition. This polish is a tribute to the Mardi Gras Indians, who design elaborate costumes every year and "battle" in their own parades. You can read more about the tradition here: http://www.mardigrasneworleans.com/mardigrasindians.html

Here is a picture of the inspiration for this polish:

courtesy of CR Photography, New Orleans
Big Chief has satin/matte orange, yellow, hot pink, and white glitters in a sheer blue jelly base. There is also some silver micro glitter sprinkled throughout. 

three coats
I love how this collection turned out...colorful, fun, and I got to work closely with my husband on making nail polish, of all things! Here's one last look at all five!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. OMG I love these. I live on the North Shore so these are special to me! :)