Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming Changes

There are several changes coming to Maya Cosmetics, including a change to our prices.

Prices are increasing in February--to $9.50--for all polishes. The bottom line is that we underestimated our costs to both maintain and grow our business. The good news is that we won't need to increase the price again for a long time--or ever, we hope!

Polishes will remain at their current pricing through 31 January 2013, so you can still snag the new releases at the lower pricing!

We will be discontinuing sales of our Smoothing Coat for Glitter at the end of January. The supplier for the base we were using discontinued it, so it's out of our hands unless we can find a replacement. We will bring it back if we can source the same or similar formula.

Sometime in late February/early March we plan to offer a different type of topcoat (fast-drying/shiny). We'll have more details in a few weeks.

There will also be a change to our shipping prices in February. Shipping to US addresses will be a flat $4.80 for orders under $50, with free shipping on US orders of $50 or more. Current shipping prices will remain through 31 January 2013, although effective January 10th we will offer free shipping on US orders of $50 or more!

Also effective January 10th, we will begin shipping to Canada! All orders to Canada will be shipped USPS First Class International. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $6.80 on orders under $50, with free shipping over $50.

We should be shipping to more countries by the end of February (or sooner)! If you're not in the US or Canada and are interested in ordering, please send us an email at and we'll work on it!

We know the last thing that customers want to hear is that prices are going up, and we understand. We will do everything we can to avoid further price increases--without compromising quality, of course!. Thank you for your patience as we work through our growing pains.

Kat and John


Saved the best for last, in my opinion. I love the versatility of this polish! It's not matte glitter, but not super sparkly either.

Grayscale contains gunmetal, black, and white glitters in a clear base. This is a permanent polish, available January 10th.

Here is three coats of Grayscale without topcoat. It's definitely textured this way but I love the way it looks.

Three coats with two coats of topcoat. It definitely takes a couple of coats of topcoat to smooth out, but it's not the "hungriest" glitter I've come across!

Here is one coat layered over several colors (silver, black, gray, Tiffany blue, and white). I LOVE it over the blue!

Some nail art fun! I did a black and white gradient on my index and middle fingers and applied one coat of Grayscale. On my ring finger I used striping tape over white and applied a thick coat of Grayscale and quickly removed the tape. I sponged Grayscale over white on my pinkie, and then a thin layer of a sheer gray polish and topcoat over each nail.

Here's a close-up!

This one is a must-have, if you ask me ;-)

Thanks for looking!


Graceless Lady

Graceless lady is blue-gray with lots of silver sparkle, a few blue/purple flecks, and a subtle scattered holo. The name comes from Wild Horses, a Rolling Stones song (although I prefer The Sundays' cover). It's neutral enough to wear to the office, but it's also super sparkly and interesting! My second favorite of the new releases!

All swatches are two coats with topcoat.

It really has a ton of sparkle, and even though the holo is subtle, it makes the silver sparkle look like it's floating. Love it!

This is a really fun, versatile neutral! Also looks great with a glitter topper!

with Flyin' Solo
Thanks for looking! :)



Oh Surly, such a temperamental one! Dark purple-gray base with fuchsia/pink shimmer. Surly is a permanent addition to our line, and will be available January 10th.

The shimmer in Surly isn't hidden but would only play nice with me at certain angles. It's almost a one-coater...if you're careful thats probably all you'll need!

two coats plus topcoat, sunlight

I couldn't really get it on camera, but every now and then the shimmer will also flash yellow/orange. It's like trying to prove that the Lochness Monster exists, though.

Thank you for looking!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside -- Limited Edition

Just a few shots of Baby, It's Cold Outside. I created this for our 2012 holiday sale, but am bringing it back for one more run! It will be regular price, and I only have enough glitter for one more batch so it's very limited edition!

Mostly blue and silver glitter, with a touch of gold, in a clear base. Here are some random swatches--layered and on its own, and mattified!

one coat over white

over white, 3 coats on its own, over black

with matte topcoat--love!
Thanks for reading!


Flyin' Solo -- Limited Edition

Flyin' Solo is our Valentine's Day (anti-Valentine's Day?) polish! I really wanted to do something other than a traditional pink or red, and I figured I can't be the only one in the world who finds Valentine's Day overrated!

Flyin' Solo is a mix of small gunmetal hexagons, blue/purple iridescent shreds and micro glitter, black shreds and hearts, and red holo hearts. It goes with everything...I really love it over purple!

over gray

over purple on index and middle
I had to do some minor placing with the hearts, but they come out of the bottle easily (although I do recommend leaving the bottle upside-down for a few minutes...they will settle). 

Flyin' Solo looks great without the hearts, too, and it's easy to leave them off or to just use one color of heart. Shown below w/o red hearts (and only one black heart) over Graceless Lady. Love it this way too!

This is a limited edition polish. No end date, just while supplies last!

Thanks for reading!


Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a mix of pastel pink, hot pink, and white satin/matte glitters in a sheer pink base. Feminine and sweet!

It's SO girly and really looks like pink and white sugar on the nail! Here is Sugar Rush on its own, three coats plus topcoat.

 It also looks great layered! Here I have it over dark and light pink:

It definitely dries a bit gritty, so you may need two or more coats of topcoat to smooth it out!

three coats

Thanks for looking!


Crescent City Collection

The Crescent City Collection is a celebration of New Orleans! There are five polishes, available January 10th.

This collection was my husband John's idea. I wanted to do a Mardi Gras-themed polish, then he had the idea to do an entire collection! He grew up in New Orleans and gave me direction every step of the way. It was so fun collaborating with him...I love the result and hope you do, too!

Redemption and Treme were offered pre-holidays for a limited time, but I'll revisit them here.

Redemption is for the New Orleans Saints fans. It is a topcoat with micro and small black glitter, with accents of small white and gold holo hexes, white squares, and gold hexes, and finished with a strong gold shimmer. This is a limited edition polish.

In the spirit of the inspiration: Redemption over black. Yes, you lose the black glitter, but the shimmer really comes through. I love the end result, reminds me of granite countertops.

one coat of Redemption over a black creme
one coat of Redemption over black
 Looks great over other colors, too!

Next up, Treme. Treme is named after a neighborhood in New Orleans with a long history and colorful culture, and is known for its brass bands. Treme will be a permanent addition to our lineup!

I started with a champagne gold glitter base to symbolize the brass bands, then just added color! All the colors you see in the polish are colored glitters; there aren't any true holo glitters. This is a full-coverage polish but also looks great layered!
left to right, one coat of Treme over, black, gold, dark green, and nude
two coats of Treme

two coats of Treme

The next polish is Cookin' Creole. It is limited edition. When I asked John to pick five important aspects of New Orleans for this collection, food definitely made the list. This is a gumbo-inspired polish!

Light brown base (roux), brown glitter (Andouille), pink glitter (shrimp), green (veggies for flavor), micro brown and pink (spices) and white (rice). It also has a subtle pink shimmer!

three coats
Let the Good Times Roll was the original Mardi Gras polish I had envisioned (but approved by John of course lol!). It is a limited edition polish. 

Let the Good Times Roll has three sizes of gold holo glitter and various sizes of black, purple, and green glitters. I originally wanted to name it "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler," which just the same name but in (Cajun) French, but half the time I can't pronounce it so we switched it up to the English version. :)

The last polish in the Crescent City Collection is Big Chief. It is limited edition. 

This is also a Mardi Gras-inspired polish, but from a less widely-known tradition. This polish is a tribute to the Mardi Gras Indians, who design elaborate costumes every year and "battle" in their own parades. You can read more about the tradition here:

Here is a picture of the inspiration for this polish:

courtesy of CR Photography, New Orleans
Big Chief has satin/matte orange, yellow, hot pink, and white glitters in a sheer blue jelly base. There is also some silver micro glitter sprinkled throughout. 

three coats
I love how this collection turned out...colorful, fun, and I got to work closely with my husband on making nail polish, of all things! Here's one last look at all five!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Not Easy

It's Not Easy is a green jelly (sheer) base with light and dark green matte/satin glitter and gold shimmer. It will be a permanent polish, available January 10th. Not much else to say about it, so here are the pics!

Three coats of It's Not Easy, plus topcoat:

Doesn't it have wonderful depth? I love it!

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