Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Like a Boss

I'm describing Like a Boss as a "delicate holo." Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but I really think that's the best way to describe it! It's a light pinky-peach nude color with subtle holo and a jelly-ish finish. There's also a tiny amount of duochrome pigment in there which will (depending on the light) sometimes give it a brighter pink or a silvery green tint. It's very subtle, though!

I created Like a Boss to be office-appropriate, so no crazy linear mind-blowing holo here. 

Here is Like a Boss at one coat. It's sheer but very buildable. I've found that it applies best if you use thin coats and minimal, even brush strokes. I used 3-4 brush strokes per nail for these swatches, and "floated" the brush on the nail.

The pictures below show two coats, my favorite way to wear Like a Boss. There's a little bit of visible nail line, but I don't mind it. I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats to avoid any cuticle drag.

The above pictures are without topcoat. Shown below with topcoat. I didn't find that topcoat makes a difference in the holo.

Finally, Like a Boss at three coats, with topcoat.

Like a Boss is $9/bottle and will be available on November 15th. Thank you for looking!


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