Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cast a Spell Collection

This is a fun little collection that I created with Halloween in mind. Color-wise, I'll admit that it's not very cohesive. That's because Hex was supposed to be an orange polish. It was a darker orange with silver sparkles, really pretty I think. 

But then this happened:

The orange polish didn't make the cut haha! Hex is a chameleon. Depending on the light, it looks more olive, orange, gold, even blue on the edges. Hex is limited edition but I'm seriously thinking of keeping it on through the winter. What do you think?

Hocus-Pocus is a blend of orange, purple, and white glitters, with some black bar glitter thrown in the mix. It has a clear base. I'm showing it here over Zoya Kalima and Butter London Dosh.
I think my camera hates orange

Voodoo is a mix of mostly black micro glitter with pink, silver, orange, and silver holo glitters. The orange glitter flashes green and red! I love Voodoo over black, but it's interesting over other dark colors, too. Here it is over China Glaze Jungle Queen. I LOVE THIS!

Warning! This polish eats topcoat like I eat salmon rolls at a sushi buffet. It's ugly. I recommend two coats of a thick topcoat to smooth it over.

The Cast a Spell collection is limited edition through November 15th, or while supplies last :)


  1. I vote to keep Hex on during the winter because I haven't purchased it yet.