Thursday, October 18, 2012

It Can't Rain All the Time

This polish came about by chance; the packages of glitter samples were sitting together and I thought it would be a great combo. When I put it all together, it reminded me of Spring. I know, not the typical Easter-y colors that people break out that time of year. But Spring is probably my least favorite season. It's gray, rainy, cold, and all I want to do is be able to wear my summer clothes!

Shown here over Zoya Kelly, one coat of It Can't Rain All the Time with topcoat.

In direct sunlight
So this polish is Spring in a bottle, to me at least. Bluish gray with a touch of color, like when nature starts to bloom but isn't quite there. A subtle purple the hope of clear blue skies to come but that you won't get for a couple more months...

The name is a quote from The Crow. It's a quote that goes through my mind often that time of year!  

Thank you for looking! :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last Call

Last Call is a blackened violet base with shimmer that shifts pink/blue/purple. I named it Last Call because it's a shade that I would definitely wear for a night on the town, but also for the way it looks at night, in dim light--intense blue shimmer floating in a nearly black base. Of course I can't catch it that way on camera. Sigh.

I do have daylight shots, at least. :) Swatches are three thin coats with topcoat.

all three colors

my hand totally cramped up on this shot...hand posing is dangerous!

Thank you for looking :)


Olive Not-So-Drab

I love me some olive green. After 7 1/2 years in the military, though, it took me a while to come back around to the color. Olive drab everywhere, olive drab everything...after a while, it gets old!

Honestly though, I created this polish because I purchased an olive polish with shimmer that had so much potential in the bottle...on the nail, nearly nothing. I felt cheated! Duped! So I created my own version:

The base is olive but with all the green shimmer it can look brighter on the nail (depending on the light). The swatches are three thin coats with topcoat, in natural light.

Thanks for taking a look!



Enigma was one of my first polishes, but the original was nothing like this version. I named it Enigma because I had no idea how it got to be that color! It was also brown, but with brown and gold holo glitter. I thought it was okay then stashed it away for a few months. When I pulled it back out I wasn't feeling the combo so I started from scratch.

This time around there's no glitter, just tons of shimmer in gold, copper, bronze. Swatches are two coats with topcoat, taken in natural light.

I love it so much more than the original! What do you think?


Kung Fu Treachery

One day my husband and I had a deep discussion about the perils of Kung Fu Treachery.* I learned that the colors of Kung Fu Treachery are "black, white, and gold. Mostly black." And so it was, and is. Though I'm still not clear on which part is the Kung Fu and which part is the Treachery...

Anyhoo, this has black squares, diamonds, and hexagons; white bars and squares; and fine gold glitters in a clear base.


This is one coat of Kung Fu Treachery and one coat of Poshe topcoat over China Glaze For Audrey and Purrfect Plum.


*see the movie Black Dynamite for details :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Almost Happy Hour

I wanted to offer an office-friendly neutral that had a little more oomph than a straight creme. Almost Happy Hour is a taupe base with copper, silver, gold, and pink shimmer.

Admittedly, we're having issues getting the pictures on the store to be color accurate. Here are some nautral-light swatches:

two coats Almost Happy Hour with topcoat

Hope that these help!



Not too much to say about this one. It's a glitter bomb for sure! More than a stir, not quite a ruckus (which is planned for spring!), but still an attention-grabber. Blue and purple squares, navy, silver, and pink hexagons, and purple and silver micro glitters!

Shown here over Zoya Avril and Kieko, one coat with topcoat.


Hidden Agenda

This polish was one of my very first and originally called H.O.B., for the House of Batiatus from the show Spartacus. The colors symbolized darkness and blood drowning out the ambitions of Quintus and Lucretia. There probably should have been more blood haha!

I changed my mind about the name a few months ago. I didn't have plans for a collection of Spartacus-themed polishes, so I thought it would seem out of place.

Hidden Agenda will get opaque in three coats. Here is a pic of it that way from Michelle at Things I Love at the Moment:


 I really like it over black, and even red.Here it is over Cult Nails Nevermore and Zoya Sooki.


Makes the red look vampy and squishy!
 I think it's still a fitting name. For those of you familiar with the show, what do you think?


Cast a Spell Collection

This is a fun little collection that I created with Halloween in mind. Color-wise, I'll admit that it's not very cohesive. That's because Hex was supposed to be an orange polish. It was a darker orange with silver sparkles, really pretty I think. 

But then this happened:

The orange polish didn't make the cut haha! Hex is a chameleon. Depending on the light, it looks more olive, orange, gold, even blue on the edges. Hex is limited edition but I'm seriously thinking of keeping it on through the winter. What do you think?

Hocus-Pocus is a blend of orange, purple, and white glitters, with some black bar glitter thrown in the mix. It has a clear base. I'm showing it here over Zoya Kalima and Butter London Dosh.
I think my camera hates orange

Voodoo is a mix of mostly black micro glitter with pink, silver, orange, and silver holo glitters. The orange glitter flashes green and red! I love Voodoo over black, but it's interesting over other dark colors, too. Here it is over China Glaze Jungle Queen. I LOVE THIS!

Warning! This polish eats topcoat like I eat salmon rolls at a sushi buffet. It's ugly. I recommend two coats of a thick topcoat to smooth it over.

The Cast a Spell collection is limited edition through November 15th, or while supplies last :)

Aequilibrium Collection

Disclaimer: I am not a Latin scholar. All Latin terms were found through Google searches so for anyone reading that may be a Latin scholar--sorry if I totally screwed it up :)

The name of the collection means "equilibrium." I love what it represents: two extremes and the balance in between. This could mean emotions/tempers, nature/the environment...

Tranquillis (tranquil, tranquility) was originally called "Inner Peace." It was one of my very first shimmer polish creations so it has a special place in my heart. It's a blackened blue-teal with green, gold, and copper shimmer. Difficult to capture the shimmer in photos, ugh, but it's far from subtle. Although it's part of a limited edition collection, this polish will be permanent through the winter.

Ignis (fire) is a bright orange-red jelly with iridescent blue, pink, green, and gold flakes. They are NOT extreme color-shifting flakes; they mostly stay true to their color. Ignis can be opaque on its own in three coats. I COULD NOT for the life of me get a decent pic of this, so I borrowed from Michelle at Things I Love at the Moment.

old labels, same polish!
old label, same polish!
**I DON'T recommend using a toluene-containing topcoat over Ignis. I think it makes the flakes look weird...kind of caved in.

Glacies is a sheer topcoat with a ton of shimmer that flashes blue, violet, and turquiose. You can wear it over any color but like all polishes of this nature you're going to get the most color shift by wearing over a very dark color. I'm wearing it here over Cult Nails Nevermore (which, imho, is the very best black polish out there!).

I'm a terrible photographer and even I can catch the color shift haha


So what do you think?


p.s Ignis and Glacies are limited edition through December 15th!


I'm super excited about this guys...

Michelle from Things I love at the Moment asked her readers what questions they had for indie polish makers. She gave me the opportunity to do an interview and I'm so grateful!

You can read my interview here.


Appreciation and gratitude

Hi everyone, this is Katherine. I'll be doing the majority, if not all, of the blogging (John prefers to be a behind-the-scenes he doesn't wear polish! hehe). Before I jump into polish talk, I thought I'd do a little introduction and give some much-deserved love to people who have helped me get to this point.

So a bit about me. I guess you'd call me the "creative director" for Maya Cosmetics, but in my mind I'm just a girl who loves to experiment and wear great polish. I'm a former soldier but have been a civilian desk jockey for a little over eight years. The opportunity to be creative in my 9-5 is zero, so when I discovered "frankening" polishes I was instantly hooked! I chose to turn this passion into a side job because I love to do it and wanted to share my creations. If it's successful, I'd love to make it a full-time gig...time will tell! I'm also looking forward to connecting with like-minded people (polish fanatics!) I'm excited and nervous but ready to get this phase of my life moving.

I wouldn't feel right if I didn't thank some people up front. This might sound like an award acceptance've been warned.

Olivia--if you hadn't decided to go with pink instead of French last summer, I would never have discovered the nail blogs that introduced me to this dark side. So, thanks? hehe

Carolyn--thank you for being a sounding board for my ideas and offering to help provide me with contacts. You really validated my decision to go with the naming of the company and its direction. 

Michelle R.--words will never be able to describe how much you've helped me along the way! From your feedback to your promotion and your genorousity in reviewing my polishes, you've been amazing! I'll always send polish your way as long as you still want it!

Andy--your "that's legit" has been invaluable. We'll toast to the launch soon, my friend.

To my coworkers Kimm, Sara, Jen, Lisa, Barry, and Tyson--thanks for listening to me babble about all this polish stuff :)

To my suppliers (you know who you are!)--thank you for your patience. I know I had a lot of questions and you helped me out so much along the way. I look forward to continuing business with you!

Dollish Polish--thanks for exisiting haha! Yours was the first indie polish I purchased and you set the bar very high. One of my inspirations, for sure. 

Last but furthest from least, John--all the inspiration and ideas would mean nothing without your love and support. Every day I'm thankful that you're in my life, and I couldn't have done this without you. I love you more than anything. Thank you for everything you do for us!

/deep breath

Well then, on to the polish! :)


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