Monday, November 19, 2012


This is a sexy polish! I especially love it because my friends Olivia and Carolyn helped me accidentally discover it haha!

Smolder is hard to describe, but I'm calling it a blackened plummy-brown with red/pink/bronze shifting micro flakes and shimmer. In some lights the base looks like a very deep burgundy, but it's a warmer than burgundy.

All swatches show three coats of Smolder and one coat of topcoat.

I recommend using the fewest brush strokes possible, and waiting a minute between coats.

Smolder is darker and cooler in color than Enigma, and the shimmer is different. Here is my feeble attempt at a comparison:
Enigma on the left, Smolder on the right

Smolder will be available November 24th at a special introductory price of $7/bottle, through November 26th. Regular price is $8/bottle.

Thanks for looking!


No Big Deal

No Big Deal is a green-leaning charcoal jelly with bright blue and green/gold/blue color-shifting micro flakes. It's a mix that I came up with a while ago just playing around in the lab, and the name is one of my office BFF's favorite phrases. I'd been meaning to name a polish No Big Deal and I think it's a good match :)

Here's some picture spam. I apologize for the polish-y cuticles, I didn't think they were that bad until I went to edit the pics, ugh!

All swatches show three coats of No Big Deal plus one coat of topcoat. 

I recommend using the fewest brush strokes possible, and giving each coat a minute to dry in between coats.

It looks a bit teal in some lights, so here's a comparison of No Big Deal with our other teal-y polishes:
Tranquillis, No Big Deal, and Nefarious Aquarius

No Big Deal will be available November 24th at a special introductory price of $7/bottle, through November 26th. Regular price is $8/bottle.

Thanks for looking!


Maya Cosmetics Holiday Sale!

Since we learned that customers using AMEX to buy from us on "Small Business Saturday" are eligible for double points, we'be been scheming to come up with a sale!**

So, from 10am EST November 24th through 11:59pm EST November 26th (Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday), we're offering 20% off all products on our site with coupon code HOLIDAY2012 (regular shipping rates apply).

We will extend the What Kind of Party? Collection launch special through November 26th, as well as the preorder for Treme and Redemption.

Additionally we will be offering two new shimmer polishes at an introductory price of $7 each--also eligible for the 20% discount (swatches to come soon!)--from November 24th through November 26th. These will be permanent additions.

Wait, there's more! ;) We will also be selling two VERY limited edition full-coverage holiday glitter polishes for $6 each. Yes, they're eligible for the 20% discount (swatches soon). These will also be offered November 24-26, while supplies last.

And to all of you who purchased from us since our Nov. 15th launch, keep an eye out this week for an email containing a special offer!

Hope to see you Saturday ;)


**I've since learned that AMEX cardholders can get a $25 statement credit for spending $25 at on Small Business Saturday!

Full details and registration info here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smoothing Coat for Glitter

Our Smoothing Coat for Glitter is revolutionary! Teams of scientists worked tirelessly for months developing it! It's a miracle breakthrough!

Actually, none of that is's just a trick I found that really works!

Smoothing Coat for Glitter consists of suspension base and a tiny bit of 99.8% isopropyl alcohol. That's it! We're offering it for $4/bottle, but it's something you can definitely do at home if you're so inclined.

This is not the suspension base we use in our glitter polishes. The smell is stronger, a bit like super glue. It's also much thicker. We tried our normal suspension base and it doesn't work as well to smooth glitter with one coat, I think because it's not as thick.

You can see the tiny bubbles suspended in the above picture--a day after filling the bottle--because it's so thick (it takes two to three days for bubbles to disappear).

Our Smoothing Coat for Glitter dries clear, but slowly. Wait a couple of minutes after your final coat of glitter polish, then apply a thin-to-medium coat.

We don't recommend this as a use-and-go topcoat; it works best under a fast-drying topcoat like Seche Vite or Poshe (both can be found at CVS, Sally Beauty Supply, and on

We DO recommend waiting 2-3 minutes between the application of Smoothing Coat for Glitter and your preferred topcoat. It just seems to work better this way, maybe because it has a chance to really coat the glitter? Not sure, but I've had better results when I waited a few minutes.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section or email us at Thank you for looking!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Kind of Party? Collection!

I'm a huge Buffy fan. Probably my favorite series ever. The inspiration behind the collection is a scene from an episode from season three, Dead Man's Party. 

Oz: "We should figure out what kinda deal this is. I mean, is it a gathering, a shindig, or a hootenanny?"

Cordelia: "What's the difference?"

Oz: "Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings..."

Silver and aqua shimmer and iridescent micro glitter in a clear base. For those occasions where you want a little something extra but not over the top!

over Cult Nails Time Traveler and Essie Skirting the Issue

Oz: "...shindig: dip, less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage..."

Gold and white squares, tiny gold bars, and gold shimmer in a clear base. Stepping up the glitz just a notch! 

one coat over Maya Cosmetics Ignis
one coat over Zoya Elisa and Zoya Logan, in sunlight
one coat over Zoya Elisa and Zoya Logan, in shade

Oz: "...hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny."

Did somebody say party?? Mostly gunmetal glitter with multiple colors of regular and holo glitters in the mix! This is a full-coverage glitter, but also looks great layered. PERFECT New Year's Eve party polish!

In the first four swatches I'm wearing two coats of Hootenanny (one thin, one medium-to-heavy) and two coats of topcoat. In the last pic I have one coat layered (index to pinkie) over A-England Bridal Veil (black holo), Zoya Tao (blue-gray frost), Nicole by OPI Positive Energy (silver metallic), and Chanel Distraction (white frost).

All polishes in the collection are $8/bottle. 

Thanks for looking!

Quotes found at also on my season three DVD set :)

Nefarious Aquarius

Nefarious Aquarius is a blue-green holo. I'm an Aquarius so the name makes me smile :-)

It was nearly impossible for me to capture the holo in the bottle, but I tried:

stop hiding, holo!
It's opaque at two coats, which is what I'm wearing in all the swatches.

there is a touch of duochrome pigment in the polish, you can see a bit here on the edges!

The above pictures are without topcoat. I did find in person that topcoat will dull the holo a bit, but not terribly. The swatches below are with topcoat. 

a little more green here than in real life
Nefarious Aquarius is $9/bottle and will be available November 15th! Hope you love it as much as I do!


Like a Boss

I'm describing Like a Boss as a "delicate holo." Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but I really think that's the best way to describe it! It's a light pinky-peach nude color with subtle holo and a jelly-ish finish. There's also a tiny amount of duochrome pigment in there which will (depending on the light) sometimes give it a brighter pink or a silvery green tint. It's very subtle, though!

I created Like a Boss to be office-appropriate, so no crazy linear mind-blowing holo here. 

Here is Like a Boss at one coat. It's sheer but very buildable. I've found that it applies best if you use thin coats and minimal, even brush strokes. I used 3-4 brush strokes per nail for these swatches, and "floated" the brush on the nail.

The pictures below show two coats, my favorite way to wear Like a Boss. There's a little bit of visible nail line, but I don't mind it. I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats to avoid any cuticle drag.

The above pictures are without topcoat. Shown below with topcoat. I didn't find that topcoat makes a difference in the holo.

Finally, Like a Boss at three coats, with topcoat.

Like a Boss is $9/bottle and will be available on November 15th. Thank you for looking!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

It Can't Rain All the Time

This polish came about by chance; the packages of glitter samples were sitting together and I thought it would be a great combo. When I put it all together, it reminded me of Spring. I know, not the typical Easter-y colors that people break out that time of year. But Spring is probably my least favorite season. It's gray, rainy, cold, and all I want to do is be able to wear my summer clothes!

Shown here over Zoya Kelly, one coat of It Can't Rain All the Time with topcoat.

In direct sunlight
So this polish is Spring in a bottle, to me at least. Bluish gray with a touch of color, like when nature starts to bloom but isn't quite there. A subtle purple the hope of clear blue skies to come but that you won't get for a couple more months...

The name is a quote from The Crow. It's a quote that goes through my mind often that time of year!  

Thank you for looking! :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last Call

Last Call is a blackened violet base with shimmer that shifts pink/blue/purple. I named it Last Call because it's a shade that I would definitely wear for a night on the town, but also for the way it looks at night, in dim light--intense blue shimmer floating in a nearly black base. Of course I can't catch it that way on camera. Sigh.

I do have daylight shots, at least. :) Swatches are three thin coats with topcoat.

all three colors

my hand totally cramped up on this shot...hand posing is dangerous!

Thank you for looking :)