Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Releases Quick Collages

Here are collages of macro shots of March releases. I'll have more swatches with details for you in the coming week!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Updates

A few updates for March!

New releases will be launched March 7th at 4:00 PM EST.

I didn't have time to get blog posts up for all of the polishes, there are so many! I will slowly but surely get swatches up, but in the meantime we will put up a collage of all the new colors.

International Customers

Beginning March 7th, we will begin shipping to the following countries:

The Netherlands
New Zealand
United Kingdom

All orders will ship via USPS First Class International. Prices to ship to these countries are:

1-6 bottles: $16.00
7+ bottles:  $19.00

Full details will be available on our policies page March 7th when we reopen after updating the site.

If your country isn't listed, send us an email at and we'll work on it!

Select polishes are now available at Shoppe Eclectico and discussions are in the works to be stocked at Ninja Polish, hopefully by the end of March!


Monday, February 11, 2013

February Updates

Update time!

Loyalty Program

We're excited to announce our Loyalty Program! For every 10 regularly-priced glitter or shimmer polishes purchased, customers will receive a code for a free bottle on their next order. To join, all you have to do is create an account at!

We will grandfather previous customers into the program--up to one free bottle. If the "sign up" link doesn't work, email us at and we will send you an invitation to create your account. Purchases of the Smoothing Coat will not be counted toward the program. Please allow five business days for us to update our records and, if eligible, to send your code.

Domestic Shipping

We are changing our domestic shipping prices (previously announced as $4.80 flat-rate)

Flat rate of $3.95
Orders over $50: free shipping

Shipping to Canada

Due to the recent USPS rate increases, we are raising our shipping prices to Canada and can no longer offer free shipping. Prices to ship to Canada are:

1-4 bottles: $10.00
5+ bottles: $12.60

International Customers

Beginning in March, we will start shipping to the following countries:

The Netherlands
New Zealand
United Kingdom

We're still determining shipping rates, but will update soon!

If you don't see your country listed, send us an email to and we'll work on it. In the meantime, many of our polishes will be available at Shoppe Eclecticco in the coming weeks!

Custom Polishes

Interested in a custom-made polish? They're perfect for shower, bridesmaid, or birthday gifts! Pricing starts at $12.50/bottle; please email us at with the word "custom" in the subject line for more information (US and Canada customers only at this time).

One Batch Wonders 

Starting in April, we will be offering One Batch Wonders--very limited edition polishes. Announcements and swatches will be Facebook-exclusive! More information on One Batch Wonders coming in March!

Blogger Discount

In return for swatches and an honest review, we will begin offering a discount to US bloggers. If you're the owner of a nail/cosmetics blog, have been blogging for 6 months or longer, and have posted regularly for the past six months (average of two posts per week), please send your blog link to with "blogger discount" in the subject line to get the full details. Bloggers who participate in the discount program are not eligible for the Loyalty Program. Discounts cannot be applied to One Batch Wonders or custom polish orders.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming Changes

There are several changes coming to Maya Cosmetics, including a change to our prices.

Prices are increasing in February--to $9.50--for all polishes. The bottom line is that we underestimated our costs to both maintain and grow our business. The good news is that we won't need to increase the price again for a long time--or ever, we hope!

Polishes will remain at their current pricing through 31 January 2013, so you can still snag the new releases at the lower pricing!

We will be discontinuing sales of our Smoothing Coat for Glitter at the end of January. The supplier for the base we were using discontinued it, so it's out of our hands unless we can find a replacement. We will bring it back if we can source the same or similar formula.

Sometime in late February/early March we plan to offer a different type of topcoat (fast-drying/shiny). We'll have more details in a few weeks.

There will also be a change to our shipping prices in February. Shipping to US addresses will be a flat $4.80 for orders under $50, with free shipping on US orders of $50 or more. Current shipping prices will remain through 31 January 2013, although effective January 10th we will offer free shipping on US orders of $50 or more!

Also effective January 10th, we will begin shipping to Canada! All orders to Canada will be shipped USPS First Class International. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $6.80 on orders under $50, with free shipping over $50.

We should be shipping to more countries by the end of February (or sooner)! If you're not in the US or Canada and are interested in ordering, please send us an email at and we'll work on it!

We know the last thing that customers want to hear is that prices are going up, and we understand. We will do everything we can to avoid further price increases--without compromising quality, of course!. Thank you for your patience as we work through our growing pains.

Kat and John


Saved the best for last, in my opinion. I love the versatility of this polish! It's not matte glitter, but not super sparkly either.

Grayscale contains gunmetal, black, and white glitters in a clear base. This is a permanent polish, available January 10th.

Here is three coats of Grayscale without topcoat. It's definitely textured this way but I love the way it looks.

Three coats with two coats of topcoat. It definitely takes a couple of coats of topcoat to smooth out, but it's not the "hungriest" glitter I've come across!

Here is one coat layered over several colors (silver, black, gray, Tiffany blue, and white). I LOVE it over the blue!

Some nail art fun! I did a black and white gradient on my index and middle fingers and applied one coat of Grayscale. On my ring finger I used striping tape over white and applied a thick coat of Grayscale and quickly removed the tape. I sponged Grayscale over white on my pinkie, and then a thin layer of a sheer gray polish and topcoat over each nail.

Here's a close-up!

This one is a must-have, if you ask me ;-)

Thanks for looking!


Graceless Lady

Graceless lady is blue-gray with lots of silver sparkle, a few blue/purple flecks, and a subtle scattered holo. The name comes from Wild Horses, a Rolling Stones song (although I prefer The Sundays' cover). It's neutral enough to wear to the office, but it's also super sparkly and interesting! My second favorite of the new releases!

All swatches are two coats with topcoat.

It really has a ton of sparkle, and even though the holo is subtle, it makes the silver sparkle look like it's floating. Love it!

This is a really fun, versatile neutral! Also looks great with a glitter topper!

with Flyin' Solo
Thanks for looking! :)



Oh Surly, such a temperamental one! Dark purple-gray base with fuchsia/pink shimmer. Surly is a permanent addition to our line, and will be available January 10th.

The shimmer in Surly isn't hidden but would only play nice with me at certain angles. It's almost a one-coater...if you're careful thats probably all you'll need!

two coats plus topcoat, sunlight

I couldn't really get it on camera, but every now and then the shimmer will also flash yellow/orange. It's like trying to prove that the Lochness Monster exists, though.

Thank you for looking!